Art made of 皇牌天下投注网the air we breathe

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摘要:扫描关注少儿英语微信 If I asked you to picture the air, what do you imagine? Most peoplethink about either empty space or clear blue sky or sometimes treesdancing in the wind. And then I remember my high school chemistryteacher wi

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If I asked you to picture the air, what do you imagine? Most people think about either empty space or clear blue sky or sometimes trees dancing in the wind. And then I remember my high school chemistry teacher with really long socks at the blackboard, drawing diagrams of bubbles connected to other bubbles, and describing how they vibrate and collide in a kind of frantic soup.

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But really, we tend not to think about the air that much at all. We notice it mostly when there's some kind of unpleasant sensory intrusion upon it, like a terrible smell or something visible like smoke or mist. But it's always there. It's touching all of us right now. It's even inside us. Our air is immediate, vital and intimate. And yet, it's so easily forgotten.

皇牌天下投注网 2科学家发明哈里•波特隐身斗篷皇牌天下投注网 3科学家发明哈里•波特隐身斗篷

So what is the air? It's the combination of the invisible gases that envelop the Earth, attracted by the Earth's gravitational pull. And even though I'm a visual artist, I'm interested in the invisibility of the air. I'm interested in how we imagine it, how we experience it and how we all have an innate understanding of its materiality through breathing. All life on Earth changes the air through gas exchange, and we're all doing it right now. Actually, why don't we all right now together take one big, collective, deep breath in.

Hats off to scientists in New York, who have managed to produce a cheap ‘invisibility cloak’ effect using readily available materials and a lot of clever thinking. Through a combination of optical lenses, any object that passes behind a certain line of sight can be made to disappear from view。让我们向纽约的科学家们脱帽致敬吧。他们用富于奇思妙想的头脑,通过日常的既有材料制造出了低成本的“隐身斗篷”效果。通过一个各种凸透镜组装起来的装置,在特定的视角下,任何物体都可以从观察者的眼前消失。

Ready? In. (Inhales) And out. (Exhales)

“People have been fascinated with cloaking for a very long time,” said John Howell, a Professor of Physics. “It’s recently been a really popular thing in science fiction and Harry Potter… I think people are really excited about the prospect of just being invisible。”“长久以来,人们一直对隐身术非常着迷。”物理学教授约翰·霍威尔说,“近年来,在科幻小说和《哈里·波特》系列里经常出现隐身术……我想,人们会对未来能够隐形的设想感到非常兴奋。”

That air that you just exhaled, you enriched a hundred times in carbon dioxide. So roughly five liters of air per breath, 17 breaths per minute of the 525,600 minutes per year, comes to approximately 45 million liters of air, enriched 100 times in carbon dioxide, just for you. Now, that's equivalent to about 18 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

“From what we know this is the first cloaking device that provides three-dimensional, continuously multidirectional cloaking. I imagine this could be used to cloak a trailer on the back of a semi-truck so the driver can see directly behind him. It can be used for surgery, in the military, in interior design, art。”“就我们所知来看,这是世界上第一件能使人三维立体的,持续的,多个方向上隐藏身型的隐身斗篷。我想,这种装置可以使用在半卡车的拖车上,这样驾驶员就能直接看到他车后的路况了。它还可以用于医疗用途,军事用途,用于室内设计和艺术领域等等。”

For me, air is plural. It's simultaneously as small as our breathing and as big as the planet. And it's kind of hard to picture. Maybe it's impossible, and maybe it doesn't matter.

What makes this system so interesting is that it’s simple, inexpensive and capable of working at multiple angles, as long as the object remains inside the series of lenses. It cost the scientists $1,000 to get all of the necessary equipment together, but it can be done more cheaply. A patent

Through my visual arts practice, I try to make air, not so much picture it, but to make it visceral and tactile and haptic. I try to expand this notion of the aesthetic, how things look, so that it can include things like how it feels on your skin and in your lungs, and how your voice sounds as it passes through it. I explore the weight, density and smell, but most importantly, I think a lot about the stories we attach to different kinds of air.

is pending for their invention but the scientists have put together instructions on making your own Rochester Cloak at home for less than $100.这种装置最吸引人的地方在于,它构造简单、成本低廉,能够在多个视角下起作用,只要被观察的物体保持在这种凸透镜组装装置的视域之内。科学家们花费了一千元美金来凑齐所有必需的装置,但是它的制造成本可以大幅降低。这种发明是否能申请专利还悬而未决,不过,科学家们已经写出了使用说明书,让你花上不到100美元的费用,就能够在自己家里做出一个隐身斗篷。”

This is a work I made in 2014. It's called "Different Kinds of Air: A Plant's Diary," where I was recreating the air from different eras in Earth's evolution, and inviting the audience to come in and breathe them with me. And it's really surprising, so drastically different.


Now, I'm not a scientist, but atmospheric scientists will look for traces in the air chemistry in geology, a bit like how rocks can oxidize, and they'll extrapolate that information and aggregate it, such that they can pretty much form a recipe for the air at different times. Then I come in as the artist and take that recipe and recreate it using the component gases.

I was particularly interested in moments of time that are examples of life changing the air, but also the air that can influence how life will evolve, like Carboniferous air. It's from about 300 to 350 million years ago. It's an era known as the time of the giants. So for the first time in the history of life, lignin evolves. That's the hard stuff that trees are made of. So trees effectively invent their own trunks at this time, and they get really big, bigger and bigger, and pepper the Earth, releasing oxygen, releasing oxygen, releasing oxygen, such that the oxygen levels are about twice as high as what they are today. And this rich air supports massive insects -- huge spiders and dragonflies with a wingspan of about 65 centimeters. To breathe, this air is really clean and really fresh. It doesn't so much have a flavor, but it does give your body a really subtle kind of boost of energy. It's really good for hangovers.


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